Frequently asked questions:

What do I have to do to get a job offer?
Krzysztof z Olsztyna

Among the basic skills, that a person working in a hotel must have, are: the ability to handle stress, punctuality, knowledge of foreign languages, and attention to details. Those requirements are universal for the whole staff.

If you found our job offers interesting, please fill in the application form. One of our consultants will contact you and explain the details of work, payments and housing we provide. Next step is to make an appointment in one of our offices (Wroclaw or Krakow). During the interview, you will receive all the important information such as detailed job description, terms and conditions of the health insurance, explanation of the payment system in Holland and so on. We will also check your level of English. If your English is good enough and working conditions are satisfactory for you, you can apply for a particular post.

What is the remuneration system in the hotels?
Wiesław z Poznania

In most of the hotels worldwide the remuneration system is similar and depends on the position. The working hours of the employees such as cooks, receptionists, public area attendants and others, are paid by hourly wage in keeping with their position and the area in
which their jobs are located. When compensating hotel room attendants, most hotels use kind of a piecework wage system based on the number of rooms workers are assigned to clean.

Is it hard to work in hotels?
Zuzanna z Krakowa

It is very hard to answer this question. It is definitely demanding no matter on which position you work. Some positions, like steward in the hotel kitchen demand physical strength, which is necessary to carry heavy pots or mop the floors. Others, such as the housekeeper are concerned with high precision and necessity of struggle with time pressure. The position of receptionist requires flexibility and ability of performing many activities at once. Each candidate should decide, whether s/he has psychophysical predispositions for a given job.

Who supervises my work?
Agnieszka z Poznania

Each job position is supervised either by a staff management or by a supervisor. A supervisor inspects premises in addition to directing the activities of the staff.

Effective scheduling of the staff is one of the supervisor's primary concerns. Making sure the appropriate staff is on duty ensures work is done properly and guests are satisfied and comfortable. Meticulous and regular inspections by the supervisor can quickly spot inefficiencies. On-the-job training is usually the supervisor's responsibility as well. It is commonly his/her job to make sure the work of each staff member meets all agreed upon standards of quality.

Is room attendant a piecework?
Marcin z Wrocławia

When compensating hotel room attendants, most of the chain hotels use kind of a piecework wage system based on the number of rooms workers are assigned to clean. There is a fixed rate paid for each room cleaned and inspected based on volume and performance. The rates are different for each room in each hotel and different number of rooms is prepared within each working day. The more rooms need service during the day, the more working hours a room attendant will be paid for.