Job descriptions

The role of linen attendant is to issue uniforms and linen to staff according to systems and the procedures laid down by the hotel management. Linen employee also takes inventory and control movement of soiled, damaged and fresh linen, uniforms and draperies, examines laundered items to ensure cleanliness and sends torn articles to the seamstress for repair or repairs him/herself. One of the main requirements on this position is the knowledge of basic tailoring works and ability to work independently. On a daily basis linen employee operates washers, dryers, mangles, pressers and irons and does it in accordance with safety standards. S/he sews by hand or machine, mends, alters and repairs clothing and linen articles; constructs, maintains and hangs draperies; places clothes on hangers, wraps bundles in paper with identifying tickets, and prepares for delivery to guest rooms; performs minor machine maintenance and repair when necessary; cleans and oils machines; and maintains cleanliness of work area.

Good knowledge of English is required to work on this position to follow written and oral instructions and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

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