Job descriptions

Job purpose of Public area cleaner is being responsible for the cleaning of all public areas of the hotel to include entrances, lifts, doorways, sidewalks, public restrooms and lobby while providing great customer service.

Public area man (because mostly men are employed on this position) works in shifts and depending on the hotel 2 or 3 shifts can be established. He is first and foremost in charge of creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere for guests by making sure all areas of the hotel are clean. He vacuums carpets, dusts furniture, empty wastebaskets and mops bathroom floors. He maintains the activity areas like the pool, fitness center and staff changing rooms. Public area employee may also be asked to clean guest rooms. Since it is one of their most critical duties, public area workers should either have good cleaning skills when hired or be willing to learn.

Promoting a positive atmosphere to guests is a key role here. During cleaning a public area employee has the potential of encountering many guests. Being friendly and giving a smile to each visitor is important. These little actions go a long way in making guests want to return to the hotel in the future.

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