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The sole duty of a room attendant is to clean guest rooms and sometimes also other areas of the hotel, such as storerooms or the corridors. Room attendant must be a highly responsible and organized person, able to work alone as well as part of a team.

A maid's day starts with preparation for work: stocking a trolley with clean sheets, towels, pillow cases, checking that there is enough complimentary goodies for every room, picking up a bucket with cleaning products and so on.

As the room attendant enters the room, s/he must be able to notice and memorize all the little things that are missing or need changing in order to replace them all at once.

Usually, a chambermaid starts making room by stripping the beds and making them afresh, then cleaning the bathroom inside out and stocking it with clean towels and complimentary toiletries. Next, dusting and vacuuming the room and arranging new complimentary goodies.

On average, a chambermaid should expect to clean about 15-20 rooms a day, which strictly depends on the standard of a single room, its size and the scope of duties that need to be done. A professional maid must finish a room in a certain time which can differ from 15 up to even 45 minutes depending on one, or all of the above mentioned features.

Normally, working as a chambermaid doesn't require taking special courses: all the necessary training is provided on the spot and only takes a couple of days.

There are special techniques used in room attendants' training that teach them in which particular order and within which exact time limit they should perform specific cleaning procedures.

One of the most important functions of a room attendant is to act as a customer service representative, because often when a guest needs information or a service, s/he seeks out a chambermaid.

Chambermaiding makes a great job for everyone who likes the challenge of a responsible and physically demanding position. It is an ideal position for an energetic and enthusiastic applicant looking for a temporary job, but it can also be an entry-level job for someone whose ambition is to work in the hotel industry.


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